About Little Nitwits

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Little Nitwits was founded for parents, grandparents, friends and relatives and of course, most importantly, little children - boys and girls from babies up to 7 years old.

Wool is quite simply fantastic - we can’t beat what the humble sheep produces….wool is warm, breathable, and has elasticity which moves with the little body inside and, with the merino wool we use, is incredibly soft.

We also tried to think of the parents (having first hand experience!) and all our clothes are machine washable.

Little Nitwits was started because we simply couldn’t find any good quality, affordable, wool jumpers on the market, and my handknitting just isn’t up to scratch!

So welcome to Little Nitwits - warm and soft for our little ones and with a pinch of fun to capture your children’s imagination and, we hope, yours.... we hope you like what you see!