Care Instructions


YES, your ‘Little Nitwits’ is Machine Washable!

If you look after your ‘Little Nitwits’ properly, it will last you hopefully through not only your first child, but Matilda, Hugo and may be even little Wilfred - although that really depends on your little rascals!

Wool is simple to care for, (honestly….!)

Golden rules:-

• Remove any attachments

Use wool friendly washing powder or detergent - just look for the wool mark symbol
(don’t use biological detergents or those including bleach)

• Wash on a 30°C cycle, on a DELICATES wash

• Spin at 600 revs per minute (check the cycle even if it says for wool)

• Once the garment has been gently spun, pull it into shape and allow it to dry whilst supported, a banister is perfect for this….

• Do not iron (even better!)

Its as simple as that….

However, please note the following...

• Do not wash on a higher temperature than 30°C and do not tumble dry (if you do, you’ll end up with clothes for Ken or Barbie!)

• Do not spin other than at 600 revs per minute - wool releases water much easier than cotton so if you spin it too fast, you may well up with a jumper that fits you!

• Do not bleach - ouch….

• All wool will pill to a certain degree, please pluck or carefully shave off or, best of all, use one of those clever little de-fuzzing combs (available from all good department stores) if it does happen.

• All our clothes are tightly knitted to try and guard against loose pulls but these are for children (!) and you may well need to get a needle out and pull it through to the back if it does happen….. out of sight, out of mind….

• To protect against moths, please put your ‘Little Nitwits’ in polythene bags when not in use - lavender or even conkers are supposed to be a good deterrent.


Surface wipeable. If they are really grubby, you can machine wash them separately on a 30° Delicates Wash. However, they will only cope with about 6 machine washes in their lives and still look their best (after that they will start to pill) – we sadly cannot take responsibility for damage caused by this.

Do Not Tumble Dry.

Dry Flat